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November 23,

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

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In the vision, I look up into the sky and I see two tall white rectangles, much like the roman numerals or 2 elongated boxes in the sky. They are solid like shapes, but they are also lit up. It looked like the number ’11’ hanging in the sky, very long. As I watched, I saw something happening to the shapes. The bottom began to lift upwards like a garage door would, or a gate on a loch. It slowly raised, and when the bottom part started to lift up there was a release of pressure and air, and water that was like a blast of a heavy mist poured down to where I stood.

I could feel the mist on my face and arms. It was like standing by Niagara Falls at a distance. I could feel the pressure in the mist as it rushed by me everywhere. It was invigorating and I began to tingle inside my being. It was like I was becoming effervescent and I lifted my hands up into the air towards the gates, because I knew the heavy blast of the waters within the gates was coming soon. Then the mist got so heavy now that I could not see the 11’s in the sky anymore, and the water was pouring down my body from the mist. The air was full of spraying water and swirling wind. All I could hear was approaching rushing, and then I came out of the vision.

The 11th Hour has indeed begun. The gates of the heavenly dams have begun to open, and the heavy mist from the tsunami is rapidly approaching us all. It’s time to yield fully to His will and move with Him.

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How Are You Doing by Bill Burns
This question comes in light of recent messages.
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Time To Advance by Bill Burns
We are entering a time of God's favor and advancement.
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Signs of The Times by Bill Burns
Prophetic signs of where we are spiritually.
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Spirit of Thanksgiving by Bill Burns
A heart of thanksgiving opens the door to blessings.
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See and Hear by Marsha Burns
The importance of living beyond the natural realm.
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Free From Oppression by Marsha Burns
We must learn to live without controlling or oppressing one another.
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Odds and Ends by Marsha Burns
An idea of the various things God is dealing with us about to prepare us to fulfill His purposes.
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Bill Burns--How Are You Doing?, Time To Advance, Signs of the Time
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